They’re Giving Me a Hand Heart

Everyone loves to get a hand heart! It is such a friendly gesture. Best part is it can mean real love or friendship love and even more like a thank you gesture.

I guess there is an argument whether Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber started the gesture at one of their concerts. It is such an important argument you know…not.

What do I think when I see this photograph?

The photo of these two lovely women is a great stock photo. The background is blurred so text can be easily added. Both girls are smiling and are inviting, though the taller girl on the right seems to be gritting her teeth in a fake fashion. Maybe, maybe not, I keep changing my mind.

The colors of the shirts and grass brighten up the photo but not to the point of being distracting.

Obviously this is a staged photograph, and the models (since it is staged) are doing a good job of pulling off the gig.

It makes me smile, I can feel some happiness. My eyes are drawn back-n-forth between the models. The smile on the taller girl reminds me of a Colgate Teeth Whiting commercial.

Any photograph that makes me smile is a good photograph!