When I come across photographs like this one I stop.

I’m not sure what the reason is? I see plenty of women in photos every day. Some hardy in clothes at all. So I don’t think it is because she is attractive or is scanty clothed.

The reason I stop when I see the photograph, is because I wonder if she built those muscles naturally or if she is enhanced.

Has she been hitting the steroids or the Crazy Bulk to get biceps like that? I mean I would have to hit the best bulking stack to get that much definition in my arms!

The Photography

The photography isn’t that well done. Yes the subject if highlighted nicely against the dark background, but the subject’s nose is too big to for a view alike that, it causes a deep shadow on her lower face and jaw.

The subject is framed well in the photo, just left of center with the action taking place in front of her. The dusk or dawn, whichever it might be, is nice adding some contrast to the upper right of the photo.

The subject, or I guess we can call her the model since this is a stock photo, should have on a brighter top. I would imagine the photographer, if he planned it, might of though her breasts in a bright colored top would take away from the photo focus that is the bulging bicep. But I still think more contrast in colors would help the photo.

Overall it is a mid-to-high mid stock photograph. I should a woman bodybuilder with a nice set of arms that are sweaty, so you know she is has been working out hard.

But the photo angle is wrong for her face, and the smile is more demonic than friendly or inviting to the photograph.

What the Photo Makes Me Feel

I feel sort of ashamed that I think this woman had to take steroids or bulking supplements to get that buffed. I guess it is the way I was brought up thinking the woman as the fairer sex.

Either the look on her face, or the smile, how the large nose casts a shadow across her lower face and mouth make me, well in three words, scared of her.

As I mentioned previously, it is an almost demonic look and a smile on her face.

When I first see the photograph, my eyes are drawn to the shoulder and bicep then up to her face where I am wondering if it is a man or women. The I notice the long hair showing on her back and then her breasts in the dark top.

My mind is trying to determine if it is a man or a woman first. If it is a man, then the muscles are not that impressive, but if it is a woman, then the muscles are impressive.

That is what my mind is trying to sort out.

My guess is the purpose of this stock photograph is to market bodybuilding supplements towards women. The purpose can’t be for gym memberships as I don’t think most women want to look like that.

The photograph catches my eye for a second, but once I focus, I move on.