Healthy organic food. Strawberry fruit drink smoothie

I will admit I am on the fence with diet smoothie shakes.

I understand that they could really help people by cutting down the calories they consume while adding nutritional benefits.

But, it seems to give people a false hope, how many drink the shake but still eat a poor diet? Do they really suppress the appetite as claimed?

Do they add other chemicals that could be worst than the junk food people eat?

So many questions. I sure hope that they do help people.

The Photography

It is a stunning photo for a stock image. I do find it a little odd that the top of the smoothie is slightly out of focus while the bench, mint, and fresh strawberry are the photographs focus.

The blue-green of the bench really makes the bright green of the mint leaves stand out.

The out of focus strawberries on the ground continue the pinks and red vertically down the photograph. The concentration of red at the bottom and the larger pink glass opening gives the photograph a V-shape.

This, in my opinion, draws the focus down and away from what one should think as the subject of the photo.

I think the photographer didn’t want to focus on the smoothie itself, they wanted to first put the smoothie in your mind, but then transfer that main thought into what the other elements bring to the photograph, freshness.

I think the photograph is quite stunning, even if the top of the smoothie isn’t in focus the reflected brightness and pink color set the image in your mind. The dual contrast of the mint, first against the more subtle blue-green bench them the sharper contrast against the pink of the shake.

Nicely done.

What the Photo Makes Me Feel

I won’t lie, the photo makes me feel like I want a smoothie shake! The diet drink shake craving is on. The photograph of the diet shake is from and I think this photo is a great one for a diet shake.

It makes me think of freshness, the mint leaves and fresh strawberries sets the tone that the product is fresh and good for you. I don’t know if the diet shake is really a meal replacement or not, but when I look at the photo I don’t think this is going taste chalky or like artificial sweeteners; it is going to taste fresh.

I also think of how natural this is, the brown soil and weather-worn bench and fresh fruit speak of farm fresh to me.

This is a great stock photo as it conveys so much by setting images in your head that make you want the product, even if it doesn’t advertise the product directly. I think adding text to the photo would take away from the appeal of photography.