Hottest New Putters coverThis photo caught my eye!

I was scrolling, rather fast I have to say, through Twitter the other day, and my eye caught something I had to see.

My finger skidded the Twitter feed to a stop, and I quickly scrolled back until I saw it again.

There it was in all of its flaming glory.

I had no idea what it was when I first saw it other that fire.

Yes, I was disappointed when I found out what it was all about.

The photo was an ad for One Shop Golf, and since I am not a golfer it holds no interest for me. But I guess that is the point.

It made me stop what I was doing and refocus on it.

Isn’t that the purpose of photos in an advertisement?

The Photography

The photography is excellent. It is bright but has contrast all around it. You have to look close to see what is actually on fire. Maybe if you are a golfer, you would see the outline of the putter better, I’m not sure, but I had to look close to see what it was.

The photo drew me in, not only with the shock factor that something was on fire.

What’s on fire!

But I had to concentrate on exactly what it was.

Why is it on fire!

See, it had those reactions for me.

That is exactly what a stock photo is supposed to do. Draw people to it, and once to it figure out the connection.

Stock photos sometimes make a person relate to the product. This one for the hottest putters on the market made me curious. Made me look harder.

It also made me click on the site to see what else it had. Even though I don’t golf. It sucked me in.

That is what a great stock photo does, it brings a person that wouldn’t normally look at an advertisement or website in so much that they click on the photo.

I’m sure that golfers would be even more curious once they identify the putter, the wonder what is going on.

Again, this is an excellent stock photography.