About Blinking8s



I have been messing around with this page for almost 10-years. Never much came out of it.

The main reason is I didn’t want to put my pictures out there. Whether it is because I don’t think they are good enough (I sell the good ones along with the copyrights to them), scared of the criticism I may receive, or just don’t have the time to sort them and crop them. I don’t want to comment on the subject in my photographs since they are the ones paying me to take them.

That said I really like to look at photo and tell the story that I see in the photo. I like to state what my thoughts are about the subject in the photo. What I think the photographer was thinking when they took the photography. And like everyone, what are my overall thoughts of the photograph.

So I decided to take those free stock photos that people will send you, either as a teaser so you buy packages or subscriptions from them, or just because they want to give them away.

Unlike most people I have talked to I like all kinds of photos. I like to look at landscape photos, but I like to voice my opinion on photographs that are of abstract subjects or people in various poses.

I look at them like brain teasers, what comes to mind when I look at them, what I think they do, all kinds of thoughts run through my mind when I view photographs and I am going to use this media to state my opinions and share them with any viewers that happen by.

If you have any comments you can reach me on my Contact Page.

Enjoy the photographs!